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All Natural Wool Dryer Balls



If you haven't heard of "dryer balls" then you have been throwing your money away whenever you do laundry. �Did you know that dryer sheets are loaded with chemicals and those chemicals cause a build-up of residue inside your dryer? �Not only that, they are expensive! �

Our dryer balls take the place of dryer sheets AND they save electricity by cutting down on your drying time. �When you add these wool balls into your dryer with your wet clothes, they actually speed up the drying cycle because the balls absorb much of the moisture in the clothing. �Not only that, as they bounce around inside the dryer, they are "beating" your clothes which helps to soften them. �If you like the scent from a dryer sheet, all you need to do is add one drop of your favorite essential oil (we like lavender best) to each dryer ball and the scent disperses throughout the clothes and gives them a fresh, clean scent. �The scent lasts for many drying cycles before you need to add more. �

But . . . we haven't told you the best part about these dryer balls. �THEY LAST FOREVER!!! �You never need to buy another dryer sheet again. �Another way to GO GREEN and save money at the same time.

One set of 3 is good for small to large size loads. �Two sets are best for large to extra large loads.

Made with 100% Wool. �All Natural. �Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Set of 3 = $15.00 (please add $3.00 postage for one set) (please add $4.00 postage for two sets)

More than 2 sets, please contact us for shipping information


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