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Cat Mat and Toys

Cat Mat and Toys


Finished Size: 16" x 13" Toys: Assorted Sizes

We bought several cat beds for our cat -- and she has lots of other soft furniture to sleep on all over the house. But she doesn't want to sleep in ANY of those places! Instead she always wants to sleep right on top of my beautiful stacks of hand-dyed wool!!! So, I decided to make a mat just for her. She can't read so she doesn't realize it belongs to her. Using your favorite color of wool, make a mat with a little pocket for holding a catnip mouse (instructions & template included) and make this little mat just for your favorite feline.

The pattern comes with instructions to make the mat with pocket, the catnip mouse, the fish and the bird. A perfect place for your cat to take a nap, and plenty of toys for your cats to play with when they're full of energy.


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